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Experienced Trial Lawyer in Bartow, Florida

Empowering you on your journey toward legal resolution

Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A. empowers you with the information and advocacy you need to make the best possible decisions in your current legal and financial situation.  When you schedule an initial consultation, our lawyer meets with you personally to evaluate your case and explain your options.  Our firm remains focused on delivering:

Real answers. Direct access to the lawyer you hire to handle your case is a big part of what sets Lynn W. Rhodes, P.A. apart.  Your case gets the benefit of careful thought and preparation through collaboration with an attorney with more than 15 years of litigation and transaction insight.

Clear vision. Lynn W. Rhodes is an attorney who understands and steadfastly pursues what’s most important — your family and your future.  She is supportive of all your interests and remains focused on achieving the goals you set out for yourself during client consultations.

Mutual respect. Our firm embraces attorney-client collaboration as an ethical responsibility and a legal imperative.  We believe that the key to legal success lies in making sure that all relevant information is mutually available and readily accessible.

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When a conflict simply cannot be resolved without legal intervention, you need a lawyer to explain your rights and fight for your interests.  Lynn W. Rhodes is an experienced and trial-ready attorney, bringing more than 15 years of settlement and trial experience to the practice of law.   Her goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective path toward conflict resolution.  Call 863-578-5120 or contact us online to find out if your issue is one that can be solved through legal channels.